bird, box & spindle

L'Escalier qui monte

L’Escalier qui monte et qui descend, 1995

Sculpture / Assemblage (48"x 36"x 36")
Collection of the artist
© Julie Lapalme



Bronze shell of spindles — suggests fallen monumentality and the 'poetics of decay' but they are hollow and mask something else.

They act as a facade, protecting a coiled cloth core, made of organic, unstable material, vulnerable to time and weather.

Yet, this cloth core, the purple tip of the spindle, displays strong tendencies as it survived the casting process. Set in the sand mold, its extremity stopped the flow of hot metal and was barely singed. Holes and tears on the spindle allow for its copper coils to peek through.

The purple cloth is made out of an old "Roots" sweatshirt.

Decoration, both in architecture and in body ornament, is used both to mask defects and vulnerabilities and/or to enhance the structure and form. Decoration becomes armour for the body.

The spindle themselves, also protect the staircase somewhat, as they bar access with an implicit line of defense. The staircase does not indeed go up and down, as it is frozen in a static moment.

listed on a passive registry
this static staircase
best describes
the still
limbo of
waiting (...)


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