bird, box & spindle

L'Escalier unique

L’Escalier unique, 1995

Painting/Collage (24"x 36")
Collection of the Nova Scotia Art Bank
© Julie Lapalme



A liquid architecture is an architecture whose form is contingent on the interests of the beholder; it is an architecture that opens to welcome you and closes to defend you; it is an architecture without doors and hallways, where the next room is always where it needs to be and what it needs to be.

— Marcos Novak, ‘TransTerraFirma: After Territory’

The nest in the staircase becomes a symbol of that first childhood home; it is composed of bits of memory and associations, held together with string, which winds and courses through all those early experiences. The dream-house is fluid, creating rooms as you move through them; their plan informed by memories of houses you have been in before. Yet the dream does not follow a set blueprint: it is blue like water, a layered nest.

It creates an idea of the house, a memory-collage of different houses; its layout may contain a secret doorway or staircase leading to a room which had not previously existed in ’real‘ space. In the dream, the familiar landscape of the interior becomes a strange terrain that can be mapped and explored. The self is similarly divided and re-invented in dreams.


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